Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
Training Course in India


What is a Commercial Pilot License ?

Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a pilot license that allows a person to act as a pilot of an aircraft.It is a license provided by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) which is the regulatory body for civil aviation, for students to act as a pilot, command any aircraft and get paid for it. A Commercial pilot License contains a pilot’s rating and the type of aircraft that pilot can fly listed on the license, to obtain and use the license a valid medical certificate and valid rating will be required to use.

To become a licensed commercial pilot students must enroll in a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training course which is  a civil aviation course that allows a student to obtain & become a licensed pilot and fly aircraft.  A commercial pilot training course in India is offered at various commercial pilot training institutes & schools. In the process to grab a spot as a CPL training course student, one has to give entrance exams or can even get admission based on merit. The benefits of enrolling in a CPL training course and obtaining a CPL license opens a number of opportunities for students. A student with a CPL license can fly single & multi-engine aircraft. CPL training course includes general flying, aircraft testing & skill tests as per the regulatory body DGCA.

How to start your CPL Training?

Train for your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Maverick Aviation:

CPL training comprises two elements, theoretical knowledge and flight training. Let’s look at each one of them in more detail

Ground Training: 


Course Duration: 3-4 months

  • At Maverick Aviation we specialize in CPL Ground Training and have an expectational performance record over the years towards DGCA CPL exams.

  • Our highly trained and committed staff ensure that the environment and content of our courses exceed the expectations of our students.

  • Comprehensive study material and Questions Sets are provided to each student. Tests are conducted throughout the term to gear them up for the challenging DGCA & Airline Examinations.

  • We use industry leading CBT (Computer Based Training) Programs with detailed Audio-Visual Guidance that makes lectures more interactive and concepts easy to understand.

  • All candidates get lifetime access to the MAVERICK VAULT-Our very own Online Library for all your exams needs. We have a collection of over 150+ hand picked Books, Flight Trainers, Q-Banks and CBTs on various topics related to aviation available at your fingertips.

  • Lifetime  access to THE MAVERICK ACADEMY SERVER where you can interact, ask doubts, learn and even socialize with like minded individuals, mentors and pilots. 

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Ground Subjects for DGCA CPL exams

In order to get a CPL License it is mandatory for every candidate to clear the DGCA CPL exams. These Exams are conducted every 3 months by the DGCA which means you have 4 attempts in a year.

The candidate has to prepare the following subjects:

  • Air Regulations

  • Aviation Meteorology

  • Air Navigation

  • Technical General

  • Technical Specific

  • Radio Telephony