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Monish Konna

"I wasn't exactly sure how it would be when i initially joined maverick... but now its safe to say that.. i am really glad to have joined here.. the teaching is spectacular and the people are even more welcoming..!!"



"Even though I don't have any aviation background, still I'm able to grasp every minute information taught through audio visual class.Those classes provide a movie like effect  which imprint the information in our mind.As we are being provided frequent simulator sessions ,we could thoroughly acquaint ourselves with technical instruments both practically and theoretically from the academy itself.Those simulator sessions are the highlight. This is the success of MAVERICK and OURS !!"


"The instructors are knowledgeable in their respective fraternity and have helped me enhance my knowledge by breaking the concepts in lenient language. The overall faculty is understanding as well as genius and would gladly recommend this institute to budding aspirants."


Madhusudan Rao

"The best institute for clearing all your DGCA exams, all teachers are great and they give their best to complete your dream of seeing yourself sitting in that cockpit seat one day."


Anam Joshi

"In maverick aviation, instructors just won't help you clearing the subjects in one go, but will make you understand each & every topic clearly which will definitely help you in future. Students are given personal attention. Must join this institute 👍"


"The instructors are very knowledgable and hence have a deep understanding in their respective subjects. Highly recommended if you want to clear DGCA exams in your first attempt. They also provide help in obtaining your Computer Number"

Lakshya Saraswat

"The teachers are really knowledgeable about the subject and the way of teaching is easy to grasp. Easily the best academy for navigation classes in India"


Ayan Mir

"The instructors are very good enough and knowledgeable to provide us the education required to clear the DGCA papers in 1st attempt. Apart from the studies the instructor are also helpful and informative for the flying part and are giving us proper guidance for success in our future."


"Excellent instructors, level of teaching is up to the mark and wide range of study material is provided. The best institute to start your Aviation career.
Stay Golden ✨"



"Really good instructors and highly recommend to take classes at Maverick also good study materials are provided."



"Instructors are talented and really helpful. I joined it for tech and nav. The classes are actually fun as the teaching methods are pretty innovative. They also helped me with my documentation process for computer number and other things. The instructors will guide you properly and provide you with all the knowledge about the field. Overall its amazing 🌈
Would definitely recommend it."

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