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BSc. Aviation + CPL


BS.c aviation  is an undergraduate program that covers the whole field  of aviation. It includes and deals with all fundamentals of the aviation sector right from airport operations, air regulation, aviation weather, airport security & safety measures to dangerous goods along with license training of Commercial Pilot training just as the name suggests. 

A BS.c aviation course, when compared to other license aviation courses, offers a degree plus license, it prepares you for all aspects that the aviation sector demands.

BSc aviation course  integrated with a CPL  is beneficial in equipping a person in terms of aviation skills and broadens one's perspective in the field of specialization and management.
Though one can always apply for CPL without necessarily opting or having done the Degree of BS.c. DGCA is the regulatory body for BS.c + CPL courses.

BSc in Aviation Eligibility:

Just like any other graduation degree BSc in aviation requires certain criteria to be fulfilled for qualifying the admission.


Candidates looking to apply for BS.c in aviation must have passed 10+2 from a recognised board with subjects Physics, Chemistry & Maths.


Minimum age limit to apply for the course is 17 years.


Students from colleges that  have a lateral entry provision whereby the students already holding Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) can be admitted directly into the 2nd year of the course.


BSc in Aviation Course Duration:

BSc. in Aviation is an undergraduate degree course in aviation of 3-years duration which is divided into 6 Semesters.


BSc. Degree in Aviation will be awarded to the student only after submitting verified Commercial Pilot License (obtained from DGCA / ICAO / FAA / JAR / CASA / TPT.CANADA) to the examination section of the University of Mumbai.

Image by MD Duran

BSc Aviation Syllabus


  • Air Navigation

  • Aeronautical Maps and Charts

  • Magnetic Compass and Instruments

  • Time

  • Flight Navigation

  • Radio- Aids (Non- Glider Pilots)

  • Variometer (Glider Pilots)

  • Flight Planning

  • Radio Aids and Instruments

Air Regulation 

  • Flight Plans/ Distress and Urgency Communication

  • Air Traffic Services & Procedures

  • Miscellaneous


  • Aviation Meteorology

  • Synoptic Meteorology

Aircrafts and Engines (General and Specific)

  • Airplanes

  • Helicopters

  • Specific Aircrafts

  • Performance

Flying/ Project work

  • Crew Resource Management and Flight Safety 

  • Aviation Medicine

  • Aviation Security and The Human Profile

  • Flight Safety and Human Factors

  • Air Traffic Control and Management

  • Aviation and First Aid

B.Sc. in Aviation Course Admission Procedure:

To hold a degree of BS.c in aviation students have to follow the process mentioned below-


1. Candidate has to successfully complete his class 2 medical examination from a DGCA approved medical examiner to know if the candidate is medically FIT to become a pilot.

2. Do registration over email.

3. Provide the details once initially enquiry and admission is confirmed

B.Sc. Aviation Course Career Opportunities:

BSc aviation is a 3 year undergraduate course that prepares candidates for the best and on the completion of the degree promises great career opportunities in both private & public sector. Candidates get to work with top airlines and companies like AirIndia, Air Asia, Spice Jet, Indigo, Vistara, GoAir, Alliance Air, Academic Institutes, Air ports, Logistics Department and more. The candidates can work as Flight attendants, Air traffic controllers, Cargo Managers, Airport ground duty manager, Commercial Pilot & more.

B.Sc. in Aviation Course Fees:

The average estimation of BSc in Aviation Course Fees ranges from Rs. 18 lakhs in Indian Colleges excluding other factors like accommodation, location of the institute, etc. The Bsc in Aviation course fees in India may vary from college to college where infrastructure, training & external facilities, faculty etc are responsible factors of the total fee amount.

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