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Maverick Aviation was founded by pilots who have been working in and devoted to the industry for years; gaining experience about the ups and downs in it and thoroughly planning study routines to help aspiring candidates clear all the examinations and hurdles towards earning their Commercial Pilot License.

Our Vision is to facilitate Quality, Cost-Conscious & Genuine Professional Pilot Training Programs

Our Mission is to inspire you to ask what is possible and to enable you to live your most extraordinary life while learning Professional Airmanship.

Why Us?

At Maverick Aviation we have managed to establish a unique methodology and interactive teaching techniques that make understanding complex concepts and numerical questions a piece of cake!

Our training starts from the absolute basics of any aviation subject and covers even the most advanced topics as the course progresses.

Lifetime access to The Maverick Vault- Our very own Online Library with over 150+ Hand Picked Books, Flight Trainers, Q-Banks and CBT Programs at your fingertips.

Lifetime access to The Maverick Academy Server-Include various features to post your doubts, daily classwork, vacancy updates and live chat with mentors, airline pilots and industry professionals

Why we achieve Consistent Results?

Nailing down our Study Schedule

We at Maverick Aviation follow a strict study schedule which helps students to prepare for the exams at a comfortable pace yet being efficient and stress free.

Weekly Topic based Tests

This builds confidence and helps the student in time management which is essential during the exam.

Multiple Workbooks and Q-Banks

By the end of the course our students solve over 4000-5000 questions, preparing them for anything and everything that is asked in DGCA CPL exams.

Meet the Team


Capt Shriyansh Talekar

Capt Shriyansh being one the founding members of the institute. He has completed his CPL along with an undergraduate degree in BSc. Aviation from the University of Mumbai and now is a Paper Setter & Moderator for the same. He has been a DGCA Certified Ground and Synthetic Flight Instructor with reputed Flying Clubs in the country. Being rated on the Airbus A320 and with his wide exposure to Commercial Flying and Training, he helps motivate and guide aspiring candidates in the versatile field of Aviation. Additionally he educates candidates through his YouTube Channel where he's known as Captain Maverick. At Maverick Aviation he masters the subject of Air Navigation while adding a punch of humor to make it easier, fun and more understandable for students and to help them digest the concepts quicker.

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Capt Jayesh Kirtikar

Capt Jayesh Kirtikar has successfully completed his CPL training from India and is also a Mumbai University Graduate in Aviation. A Pilot Ground Instructor at other prestigious institutes across the country and also an Examiner and Moderator for the University of Mumbai. He is a co-founder of Maverick Aviation and a tutor for subjects like Meteorology, Technical and Regulations, RTR. With years of experience in ground training he can assure every student that they're being trained by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty in aviation training industry. His efforts & inputs has served as a stepping stone in further enhancing quality education for our students. He is a specialist for students who are time constrained including students who are currently working and have limited time to attend regular classes. Along with preparations for DGCA exams in the classroom he also creates tailor-made schedules and assignments for students. He brings with him, his vast experience and in-depth knowledge of aviation related subjects.


Capt Dhruv Chincholikar

Dhruv Chincholikar, a former student of Maverick Aviation, has completed his CPL training in India in 2019. His dedication and perseverance earned him his CPL in just under 8 months of flying time. He is rated on the Airbus A320 family of aircraft and has also completed his graduation in aviation from Mumbai University. Exploring the labyrinth of nuances in the aviation field is difficult and he strives to provide guidance to whomsoever may need it. At Maverick Aviation he teaches the subject of Meteorology and takes pride in how frank and upfront his students can be with him. Usage of hilarious and ridiculous examples to help memorize concepts is his specialty.

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